The Tate Andale Model AL & AH Automatic Twin Basket Industrial Strainer is the workhorses of the industry. Featuring bank vault construction and only one set of moving parts to minimize wear, the AL and AH are designed to outlast and outwork all others.

The automated sliding gate valves feature wedge seating so there’s no contact with the body during the chamber changeover process, reducing wear and extending equipment life. The side entry baskets provide the lowest pressure drop available providing a fantastic value.

The Tate Andale Model CC Industrial Self-Cleaning Automatic Strainer is a simplified, efficient, automatic self-cleaning unit. It is a modification of the Model AL & AH design.

The Model CC is available in 4″ through 24″ sizes and may be used for operating pressures from 15 to 125 PSIG.

The strainer body consists of two chambers with open bottom baskets to allow discharge of debris through a flushing drain.

An air cylinder positions the diverter valve, blocking the flow to the basket to be cleaned, upon a preset pressure drop. At the same time it puts the clean basket back into service. Clean backflushing fluid is obtained from the discharge side of the basket. Diverter and drain valves are controlled sequentially to initiate backflushing.

AL & AH Twin Basket Self Cleaning Strainer
Tate Andale CC Self Cleaning Automatic Industrial Strainer
Tate Andale CC, CCF and ECA Controls

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