Rotary Spray, Cast-Iron Strainer

The Challenge:

A customer needed to self-clean a low-pressure wastewater treatment section and required water pumps with spray nozzles to the clean the chambers.  This was necessary as in theory, it is under a vacuum and in this low-pressure environment, standard self-cleaning does not work.  There are also potential corrosion issues which could cause equipment in this area to break down frequently.  The goal was to have a self-contained, self-running system where they wouldn’t have to send technicians in.

The Process:

The engineers here at Tate Andale set out to create a product that could fully integrate with the control panel of the system.  Our team developed the PLC logic to make sure it operated the strainer properly, integrated with the control panel, as well as included a backup battery to prevent power failures.

The Finished Product:

The team at Tate Andale designed and manufactured a cast gray iron, stainless steel spray strainer for a wastewater treatment plant.

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