Tate Andale Makes it Easy

We’re the premier designer and manufacturer of industrial strainers, filters, valves and heat exchanges. We offer parts, overhauls and retrofits. Over half of the nation’s power plants and nearly every United States Navy ships have equipment that was manufactured by our company under the brand names Elliott, Andale, Tate Temco or Tate Andale. If you have any of these brand names, we can provide you with exact duplicates of the parts you need, often saving you the difficulty and cost of installing an entirely new system in close quarters.

Tate Andale offers factory overhauls to extend the lifetime of industrial strainers, filters, and heat exchangers. We also offer services to retrofit older manual units with fully programmable automation solutions to extend the usefulness of aging products.

Contact us with any questions or inquiries regarding spare parts, overhauls and retrofits for a cost-effective way to revitalize aging fluid control equipment.