A Legacy of Industrial Reliability

Choosing Tate Andale products is choosing to be a part of a nearly century-old industry mainstay.

Founded in 1924 as Tate Engineering and Supply Company, Tate Andale has grown into an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of industrial strainers, filters, valves, and vents by relentless attention to detail, and by incorporating legendary names into its product family: names like Andale, Temco, Elliott and Zurn. Each acquisition considerably expanded Tate’s leadership status in various industries including marine vessels, power and utility plants, water treatment plants, chemical plants, and oil refineries.

Tate Andale continues to provide parts and service for Andale, Temco, and Elliott industrial strainers, filters, valves, and vents, many of which are still in service after 60 or more years of service.

Many other brand name strainer and filter companies cut corners by outsourcing foundry, machining, assembly, and testing processes to countries with low labor rates resulting in products that fail and need total replacement too soon.

At Tate Andale, we are commited to manufacturing dependable, American-made products in Baltimore, Maryland. We combine 21st-century technology with yesterday’s craftsmanship to manufacture industrial strainers, filters, valves, and vents that continue to carry our legacy of long-lasting safety and reliability. We can say with confidence: “Bring on the next 100 years.”

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