Our cast iron model TCD utilizes a bronze plug to ensure proper functionality when it matters most. Less robust alternatives use cast iron plugs that could seize and fail when basket change-over is needed.

Easy cleaning with no interruption of fluid flow. The simplicity of a single moving part. Heavy-duty operation. The Tate Andale Model TCD Twin Basket Strainer answers these needs and more. The only moving part is the plug valve, which diverts flow to the other basket so the first can be cleaned with no interruption of operations.

Constructed of cast iron body and covers with cast bronze diverter plug for heavy-duty operation and long life, the Model TCD is available in sizes from 3” to 8”. The 3” and 4” sizes have a handwheel-operated plug diverter; larger sizes use a shifting lever operation. All come with yoked access covers to allow quick and easy removal for basket cleaning.

TCD Duplex

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