Choosing Tate Andale products is choosing to be a part of a nearly century-old industry mainstay.

The history of Tate Andale’s story spans nearly a century and encompasses the acquisition of several industry-leading companies over those years. Through all the technological changes, two constants have remained: our Baltimore-based commitment to domestic manufacturing of the highest quality, and an unbroken line of Tate family stewardship now in its fourth generation.

Tate Andale’s origins date to 1924 when William J. Tate founded the Tate Engineering and Supply Company as a manufacturer’s representative of replacement boiler parts to support merchant ships in the Port of Baltimore. Upon William’s unexpected death in 1948, William’s son Robert L. Tate stepped in to run the operation.

In 1957, Robert L. Tate founded Tate Temco to manufacture strainers, valves, drains, vents and scuppers for the domestic shipbuilding industry. Tate Temco acquired the Elliot strainer line in 1974, which helped the Company branch into heavy projects involving industrial strainers. A decade later, Tate Temco acquired the Andale strainer, valve and heat exchanger lines, thus becoming Tate Andale.

Tate Andale is now managed by Robert Tate, the great-grandson of the Company’s founder. The Company is focused on the design and manufacturing of build-to-order, heavy-duty, fluid control equipment including industrial strainers, filters, valves and heat exchangers. Tate Andale sources all raw castings from our network of mid-Atlantic American foundries and remains dedicated to manufacturing products of the highest quality in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

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Elliott, Andale, and Tate Temco industrial strainers, filters, valves, heat exchanger and parts are manufactured by Tate Andale.