Motor Operated Globe Valves

The Challenge:

Our customer required motor operators instead of manual hand-wheel operation. 

The Process:

Our team designed the manifold and installed the actuator prior to shipment.  The tested it all, set the limits on the actuator, and shipped the entire unit up as a plug-in-play assembly for an 8 in. pipeline. When designing manifold valves, we typically work with pipelines that are 2 inches to 8 inches in diameter.  This one came in at 16 1/2 feet long so we built a special weld positioner to weld this unit together.  This entire project took us about 2 years from a design and development timeline, and it was welded in accordance with Navy standards and was American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) approved for fuel transfer use.  Our team even sent it to a lab for vibration testing to prove this item would function properly in close proximity to heavy rotating equipment.

The Finished Product:

These Multi-Turn Actuators were installed on large manifolds by the customer.