Industrial Strainer Media

The following are the industrial strainer media options offered by Tate Andale.

Perforated Plate

Perforated plate is the most commonly used media for basket type strainers and is available in perforation sizes 1/32″ to 1/2″ diameter depending on the degree of straining required and size and type of basket. Perforations are normally made on a staggered pattern for maximum open area and strength.

Wire Cloth

Woven wire cloth with a perforated backing sheet is available where a finer degree of straining is required, e.g. lubricating oil service. Wire cloth is available for particle retention as small as 74 microns. Special attention is given to the fabrication of lined baskets to prevent by-passing of debris.

Wedgewire (Well Screen)

Baskets of wedgewire construction are available when additional strength is required for fine straining and for backflush type baskets with fine straining requirements. Wedgewire construction offers greater resistance to collapse when flow is reversed for cleaning. Slot widths are available from 0.002″ to 0.5″.