The Model 1260 self-cleaning strainer provides a highly efficient and reliable means of removing solids from process fluids. A bank of WEDGEWIRE straining elements provide positive straining. The exclusive WEDGEWIRE straining elements are designed with a unique ā€œVā€ shape to promote free flow of the incoming liquid and to discourage wedging of any particles. Normal flow is from the inside to the outside of the straining elements and backwashing is accomplished by the reversal of the flow through the elements.

The WEDGEWIRE straining elements are arranged to accumulate debris on the inside. A rotating arm, which is vented to atmosphere, isolates each WEDGEWIRE element for cleaning. Cleaning is accomplished by taking advantage of the system pressure and the use of a small portion of the system flow. When a WEDGEWIRE element is isolated, an effective backwashing action is created without disturbing total flow. Accumulated debris is flushed out of the WEDGEWIRE element through the backwashing arm and to the drain.

The Model 1260 self-cleaning strainer can be arranged for either continuous backwashing or, with the addition of a variety of optional control packages, intermittent backwashing.
The Model 1260 self-cleaning strainers are capable of handling flow up to 32,000 USGPM and straining as fine as .0025ā€³. With reduced maintenance budgets the automatic self-cleaning strainer will help compensate for fewer personnel on the crew.
1260 Self Cleaning Automatic Strainer
Standard Automatic Strainer Controls
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