Stainless Steel Duplex Strainers

The Challenge:

A customer came to us looking for a fully sequential interlocking system which is not a common request.  They provided us with an envelope dimension and we had to design around those measurements.  The customer also requested that the interlocks would work for a variety of different sizes, flow requirements and strainers.

The Process:

Our engineering team started off by doing their full research to see what they could accomplish.  They then began building it from the ground up in accordance with ASME Section 8 Division 1 code. The process required us to design mechanical devices to allow integration into the current configuration.  It also had to meet specific flow targets including gallons per minute, and pressure drop targets as well as pipeline size.  To satisfy these flow targets our team made sure all the calculations worked on paper to prove it would be successful. Our team also tested the strainers under operating conditions by renting a hydraulic fracturing tank and testing it in the parking lot.  These tests proved that the product would satisfy the customer’s requirements.

The Finished Product:

The Tate Andale engineering team provided the client stainless steel duplex strainers that satisfied all their requirements.