Simplex Industrial Strainers

Design Definition: Simplex basket strainers designed for batch operations where the line can be shut down for short periods to clean or change baskets. They are designed for piping applications where a greater screen area to pipe area ratio is required. By providing a greater screen area than a Y-strainer, you are optimizing the total open area, which reduces the necessity for frequent cleaning and minimizes potential pressure loss through the basket. Simplex strainers are used to protect pipelines, pumps, valves, heat exchangers, and spray nozzles from debris in process fluid.

Customization: Tate Andale is a build-to-order factory so it is easy for us to provide semi- custom solutions using our standard industrial strainers, filters, and valves as the base platform. When a semi-custom solution will not solve the problem, our skilled team of engineers is ready to design a custom solution for your toughest industrial fluid-control challenge.

Model 1050 Single Basket Strainer & 1060 Offset Single Basket Strainer

Line Size 4” to 42”
Bale Type Basket w/Mesh Lining Spec 200 Mesh
  • Body & Cover: Steel Plate
  • Basket: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Custom (Specialty or Exotic Alloy)
System Pressure (PSI) 150 300 600 900 1500
Inlet & Outlet Configuration Unlimited Nozzle Connections
Cover Type Bolted Quick Open
Special Features
  • High-Performance Internal & External Coatings
  • Magnet Assemblies
  • Zinc Anodes for Salt Water Service
  • Wedgewire elements
  • Davit Arm
Industry Standards ASME
Available Customizations Fully

Model IS Single Basket Strainer

Line Size  
Basket Straining Ratios 5.6:1 to 15.5:1
Strainer Body Materials
  • Steel
  • Bronze
  • Stainless Steel
  • Alloy 20
  • Hastelloy B
  • Custom
Body Construction Cast
Special Features Vent in Cover Large Drain Connection Optional 300 Pound

Model 105 Single Basket Strainer

Line Size 6” to 30”
System Pressure Up to 150 PSIG
Access Cover 6” to 16” - Yoke Type 20” to 30” – Swing Bolted
Special Features .05” Basket & Housing Clearance .05” Mesh Liner