With a Tate Andale Model 101 Strainer, flow is quickly diverted from the clogged basket to the clean one by operating two globe-type valves which control fluid flow into and out of the strainer. The dirty basket can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced. When simultaneous operation of both flow diversion valves is desired to prevent accidental flow shut-off, an optional chain interlock is a useful accessory.

Model 101 Strainers are available in sizes 2″ through 24″ for system pressure up to 150 PSIG. The basket access covers for 2″ through 16″ are yoke type; 20″ through 24″ are swing bolted.

The 2″ through 5″ employ bail type baskets while 6″ through 24″ have side inlet type baskets which afford minimum pressure loss. The side entry basket incorporates .05″ clearance between the body housing and basket frame to facilitate basket removal. While the baskets can be lined with a mesh liner, particles as large as .05″ may bypass the basket.

101-1Twin Basket Strainer

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