An automatic strainer is essentially a simplex strainer with an integrated set of actuated valves to allow for backwashing of the filter element.  Our automatic strainers and filters are suitable for process with high particle loading, processes where it is not permissible to interrupt the process flow, and processes that are in secluded or dangerous areas.

Our build to order automatic strainers are available in a number of different materials of construction including iron, steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, and various high nickel alloys.

We usually recommend the straining media to be one half the diameter of the component that requires protection from debris. For example, 1/4’’ tubes in a heat exchanger should be protected by a strainer basket with 1/8’’ perforation. Oversizing the straining media could allow debris to foul critical equipment, while under-sizing the straining media could cause the strainer basket to clog with excessive frequency.