Tate Andale Model ECA Strainers consist of a single cast iron body which contains a divided straining element. The straining element is a cylindrical basket with a vertical partition. The partition creates two separate straining chambers, the top-entry of each chamber is semi-circular in shape. The strainer has a diverter valve, semi-circular in shape which effectively diverts the flow to one of the straining chambers. The diverter valve is electrically operated.
The Model ECA Strainer is offered with 2″ through 24″ inlets and for operating pressures from 15 to 125 PSIG. A wellscreen straining element is provided.

The Model ECA Strainer is especially suited for special body coatings. There are no parts that move in contact with the body to scrape or wear off the coating.

When fully automatic operation is required, the ECA is installed with its control system. Upon a preset pressure drop measured across the compartment in service and electric actuator rotates the diverter valve, blocking flow to that element section and directing it to the clean section. The controls automatically flush the dirty compartment and reset themselves. Clean flushing water for the dirty section of the element is obtained from the discharge side of the strainer without any additional piping.

ECA Self Cleaning Strainer
CC, CCF and ECA Controls

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