Off the Shelf Strainers & Filters

Strainers appropriately installed in process piping help protect critical equipment like pumps, valves, nozzles, and heat exchangers from damage caused by unwanted debris. The Tate Andale IS Model 1090 is an American made, simplex strainer suitable for both industrial and commercial applications. Features include:

  • Cast Ductile Iron construction is significantly stronger than Gray Iron while maintaining excellent corrosion resistance and dampening characteristics
  • Quick opening covers mean the baskets can be removed for cleaning without the use of tools
  • Buna-N O-Ring ensures the cover is easily sealed after basket cleaning
  • Brass Pet-Cock installed in cover to purge strainer of air at start-up
  • Integrally cast mounting feet (flanged strainers only)
  • Design pressure of 200 PSI
  • Design temperature of 200 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Machined basket landing to ensure there is no by-pass of debris
  • Heavy duty 316 Stainless Steel baskets with handle TIG welded to top ring for durability
  • Large straining ratios to reduce frequency of basket cleaning
  • Low pressure drop to maximize system efficiency
  • Threaded bottom drain for quick and easy clean out
  • Designed, Cast, Machined, Assembled, and Tested in America

The IS Model 1090 is available off the shelf with heavy duty 316 Stainless Steel baskets. We typically recommend the straining media to be one half the diameter of the component that requires protection from debris. For example, 1/4’’ tubes in a heat exchanger should be protected by a strainer basket with 1/8’’ perforation. Oversizing the straining media could allow debris to foul critical equipment, while under-sizing the straining media could cause the strainer basket to clog with excessive frequency. IS Model 1090 baskets are available in the following configurations: 3/16″ Perforations, 1/8″ Perforations, 1/16″ Perforations, 20 Mesh, 40 Mesh, and 100 Mesh.