Tate Andale, LLC products are thoughtfully designed and carefully built in the USA.

Tate Andale industrial strainers, filters, specialty valves and heat exchangers are used in nuclear power plants, aboard US Navy ships, and in industrial process plants around world.

Tate Andale also manufactures spare parts and offers shop overhauls for Elliot, Andale, Tate Temco, and Tate Andale products. And finally, Tate Andale designs and manufactures both passive and fully programmable custom industrial equipment including strainers, filters, fluid control skids, heat exchangers, and other items requiring pressure vessel enclosures.

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Tate Andale, LLC
1941 Lansdowne Rd
Baltimore, MD 21227
Phone (toll-free): 1-800-296-TATE
Phone (local): 410-247-8700
Fax: 410-247-9672

Elliot, Andale, and Temco parts, industrial strainers, filters, valves, and heat exchangers are manufactured by Tate Andale.