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Model KB Self-Cleaning Automatic Industrial Strainer

Tate Andale strainer kbThe Model KB is a cast iron continuous backflushing, self-cleaning strainer designed with an oversized body to accommodate higher flow rates. Featuring a cast ductile iron backwash arm rotated by an electric motor, the Model KB is designed for installations which will be unattended for an extended period of time. Combined with a single piece stainless steel wedgewire straining element, the oversized body produces a phenomenally high straining ratio.

Configuration for intermittent automatic backflush also reduces backwash effluent, and allows long periods between backflushing. As a result, the Model KB is far less costly to operate. The wedgewire element features a reverse groove design that prevents lodging of debris in the element, and creates a vortex during backflush for a more efficient backflush operation. For high flow rates and unsurpassed longevity, the Model KB is the top self-cleaning strainer in the industry.

KB Self Cleaning Strainer

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