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Heavy Duty Industrial Strainers & Filters

Thoughtfully designed and carefully built, Tate Andale industrial strainers and filters are used in nuclear power plants, aboard US Navy ships, and in industrial process plants around world. Contact us for more information.

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Specialty Industrial Products

Tate Andale specialty valves and heat exchangers are used by nuclear power plants, the United States Navy, and industrial process plants worldwide. Contact Tate Andale for more information.

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Parts, Overhauls & Retrofits

Tate Andale offers spare parts and shop overhauls for Elliot, Andale, Tate Temco, and Tate Andale products.
We also offer services to retrofit older manual units with fully programmable automation solutions. Contact Tate Andale for more information.

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Custom Industrial Projects

Tate Andale designs and manufactures both passive and fully programmable custom industrial equipment including strainers, filters, fluid control skids, heat exchangers, and other items requiring pressure vessel enclosures. Contact us for more information.

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American Made Dependability

For nearly a century, leading manufacturers have chosen Tate Andale industrial strainers, filters, valves, and heat exchangers for long life and low maintenance costs. Tate Andale is certified to ISO 9001:2008, and all custom fabrications are manufactured in accordance with ASME and AWS rules. Our entire staff work together under one roof in Baltimore ensuring that customer requirements do not get lost or mishandled.

Tate Andale fluid handling equipment lasts for decades. With heavy castings and greater wall thicknesses, our industrial strainers, filters, valves and heat exchangers are so durable many are still operating half a century after installation. Combined with legendary toughness, unique design features of our products make servicing quick and easy, reducing downtime, maintenance expenses, and replacement costs.  Our products are not a purchased commodity item; they are an investment in the future.

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Welcome to Our New Website

October 7, 2015

Please check back for information pertaining to upcoming Industry news, events and announcements.  We look...

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Serving the World from Baltimore since 1924

September 22, 2015

For nearly a century, leading manufacturers have chosen Tate Andale fluid handling equipment for its...

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